Integrated Solutions

  Information Management System
Jabeco provides a complete integrated Information Management System, for the effective utilization of water and related resources. This fully automated solution allows for real-time monitoring and control of a diverse infrastructure of elements.

  Wireless Communication
By applying wireless communication technology Jabeco allows data acquisition and infrastructure control over vast rural areas where other communication technologies are not viable.
  • •   Wireless equipment operates in a license free band between 433MHz and 868MHz.
  • •   Standard range is up to 3km, with extended ranges of up to 10km being achieved with directional Yagi antennas and good line of sight.
  • •   All communication modules can be configured as repeaters.
  • •   Supports bi-directional communication.

  Control Equipment
Jabeco provides robust, self-sustaining control equipment for the management of a variety of analogue and digital inputs from devices in the field.

Wireless System Automation

Jabeco`s modular design philosophy integrates the engineering disciplines of system automation and wireless communication into a user-friendly integrated system that provides you with an overall view of your entire system.

  EcoWeb Control System Software
  • •   SCADA: Real-time graphical representations of all system devices indicating their current statuses.
  • •   Real-time alarm notifications.
  • •   Automatic device control using preset system rules or recurring schedules.
  • •   A variety of reporting and graphing functions.

Case Studies

Beneath find real life case studies conducted and completed in various parts of South Africa:

  Case Study ONE: Heldervue Estate – Irrigation and Fertigation Control

Description: Wireless automation of irrigation and fertigation in the Piketberg area, in the Western Cape province of South Africa.


  Case Study TWO: Kalahari Game Farm - Dam Level Control

Description: Wireless automation of a distributed dam network in the Kalahari, in the NorthernCape province of South Africa.