How can we Help You

  • Do you have a specific technical problem?
  • Do you have a specific technical problem? Jabeco`s engineering team can provide sustainable solutions to address the most challenging of water management needs. Our core capabilities (beyond the immediate product offering), include the following:

  • 1. Development and implementation of custom wireless control systems. 
  • 2. System integration between existing infrastructure and custom solutions. 

  • Are you developing new projects?
  • Jabeco and it`s technology partners have extensive experience in developing and managing infrastructure projects. Partner with us if you require the following:
  • - Viability assessments
  • - Operational support
Jabeco Field Support
  • Are you still running old systems and need technical support?
  • We won`t leave you stranded:
  • -Our local support partners are available to attend to field support issues.
  • - Should the need arise for in-dept support on more challenging problems, the Jabeco technical team is available for remote and call-out support.

  • Contact Us to get a support team to attend to your issue.

Request Proposal

Contact Us to speak to our Sales Team.

The first question is always related to price. In order to give you an idea of a new system's estimate, we need to evaluate your unique requirement.

What we need:

Each farm lay-out and irrigation requirement differs. You need to supply the Jabeco engineering team with a Google earth lay-out of your farm's irrigation infrastructure. Radio communication plays a significant part of our automation solution. We need to know the position of each and every element of the water management system.

Typical Google Earth image of a farm lay-out

How to communicate this to us:

  • • Open the Google Earth image of your farm.
  • • Drag and drop the markers on the top of the page to each irrigation element and name them ie. Valves, dams, pump houses, filter stations, bore holes, irrigation blocks, pivots and the office.
  • • Click on "File" at top left corner of the page
  • • Click “Save"
  • • Click “Save place as“ then Save as a KML or KMZ file on your PC. Go to your email account, attach this file to an email and send it to

What to expect from us:

The Jabeco engineers will evaluate your entire water management infrastructure, analyse the radio coverage to each element and design a system to satisfy your unique requirement. We will then submit a thorough quotation for your evaluation and acceptance.

The way forward:

After acceptance of the quotation, the engineering team will visit your farm to conduct a detailed site survey and system design. This process highlights all the important responsibilities and tasks to be executed by the Jabeco team as well as by yourself in order to successfully automate the water management system. Once the statement of work is defined and agreed upon, the system will be installed. After installation and integration, full system acceptance and training will be done.

Become a Partner

Become a Jabeco Agent or Installer

Jabeco's Strategy is to empower local businesses in the areas of interest and introduce our systems to their clients, in order to earn commission and/or installation and maintenance fees. This is an excellent way to expand your existing business with additional products. 
The company will evaluate your expertise and technical abilities to decide on the best level of involvement.

  • Typical levels of participation may include the following
  • 1. Intro level agent where a finders fee or introductory commission is applicable.
  • 2. Jabeco official installer.
  • 3. Jabeco Installer and maintenance agent.
  • 4. A farm worker that uses the system on a daily basis and is able to do basic maintenance on the system.

  • Contact Us to become a Jabeco Partner.