About Us

Everything you need to know about Jabeco!

With over 10 years industry experience,

Jabeco is a team of engineers that provide integrated solutions for irrigation and other water related needs!

Jabeco Wireless Solutions helps our clients to manage water resources efficiently and sustainably. This not only benefits them personally, but more importantly, ensures a bright and healthy future for all humans that rely on the dwindling supply of good quality water

Jabeco was founded in 2012 by a group of individuals concerned about the ecology and committed to help individuals and organisations manage water responsibly. We are situated on the CSIR campus in Pretoria with allows access to cutting edge technology. The Jabeco engineers used their diverse technical knowledge to design a unique automated water management system that can be applied widely with success. Since water affects all, Jabeco strongly believes in close cooperation with local people.

Our business model relies on partnering with local entrepreneurs to implement and maintain our systems.
The integrated hardware and software components of the Jabeco management system include a radio network capability that allows independent and reliable functioning in harsh and diverse conditions. In built intelligence and bi-directional communication ensures real time monitoring and control, with the ability to provide all necessary information.

Our solutions have been applied to agricultural, mining and manufacturing industries, including applications to control irrigation, green house farming, water pumping and flow, and water reservoirs. Jabeco systems contribute significantly to responsible water use wherever they are introduced, thus benefiting the environment in the long run.

Director: Kobus Ungerer
Chief Executive Officer: Chris Ungere