Fertigation Control

The Jabeco Fertigation Control module integrates with the Jabeco Irrigation Control module. Users can regulate the amount of fertilizer added to the main water line.

Fertigation Scheduling Module

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The EcoWeb control software, which is hosted on a PC in the control room or office, connects via the Jabeco radio network to the JFERT control module in the pump house. 

• It measures flow in the main water line and fertilizer lines.
• Controls fertilizer valves or pumps for up to seven fertilizer lines.
• Control vacuum pumps as required.

Fertigation Control System

Real-time monitoring features:

The SCADA display provides real-time status monitoring of all active devices, and allows for certain manual control.
• All system failures and exceptions are logged for the user’s attention. An SMS module may be incorporated sending priority alarms via SMS to configured users.
• Comprehensive reporting is available, allowing the user access to the neccesary data required to optimise the fertigation system.