Borehole Monitoring

Jabeco’s remote, continuous borehole monitoring and control system.

Integrated Solutions

Borehole water system

Borehole Monitoring System

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It allows for;

  • Basic Pump Control
  • Scheduled and Conditional Pumping Control
  • Yield Monitoring
  • Borehole Recovery Times
  • Communication to Remote Locations

This allows for properties, which can be used to optimize the borehole use. Such as instantaneous water capacity, long term borehole depletion, recovery period required and maximum continuous water flow rate.

Borehole monitoring system

Borehole Level and Flow Monitoring

A borehole level sensor is placed a few meters from the bottom of the borehole, or at the lowest desired level. The flow meter would be placed at the top of the hole, and both will be connected to the Jabeco Control Unit.

Jabeco offers an integrated solution for a system;
1. Real-time monitoring and status display.
2. Scheduled and or rule-based control of borehole pumps.
3. Implements rules to prevent exhaustion of boreholes, overflow and water losses in pump lines.
4. Initiate and alert of alarm conditions,
5. Maintain history of water usage and devices actions.

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