Wireless solutions to water Management

Our engineers design water management systems to your unique requirements.

Jabeco`s engineering team design sustainable solutions for even the most complex water management systems. Our core capabilities include: 

  • Development and implementation of custom wireless control systems.
  • System integration between existing infrastructure and custom solutions.
  • Field support.
climate tunnel control south africa
Climate Tunnel Control System at Rondom Boerdery

The EcoWeb Irrigation Control module can be configured to support a variety of different irrigation main line arrangements, and effectively provides irrigation control though its flexible scheduling module. By making use of preset time or volume based water delivery schedules, EcoWeb automatically delivers the required amounts of water to designated target areas. 
A number of additional measurement devices may be added for monitoring and control purposes, these include: 

  • • Flow and pressure meters. 

  • • Dam level, temperature, wind speed and humidity sensors. 

  • • EC and pH sensors. 

The Jabeco Fertigation Control module integrates with the Jabeco Irrigation Control module, allowing the user to regulate the amounts of fertilizer added to the main water line. It can be configured to control most fertigation subsystems. 

  • Measure flow in the main water line and fertilizer lines. 
  • Control fertilizer valves or pumps for up to seven fertilizer lines. 
  • Control vacuum pumps as required. 
  • Volume or Rate based control options are available. 

The EcoWeb Dam Level Control module allows the user to regulate water levels through scheduled or rule based pump control functions. 

  • Water level monitoring and pump control on each individual dam or reservoir. 
  • Measurement devices such as flow and pressure meters may be associated with pumps for monitoring and control purposes. 
  • Scheduled and automatic pump control options are available. 

The EcoWeb Climate Tunnel Control module allows comprehensive control of the climatic conditions contained within horticulture hothouses. 

  • Completely autonomous rule based system. 
  • Rules are configured based upon sensor inputs (temperature, humidity, wind etc) in order to control among others curtains, fans and misters. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with the EcoWeb Irrigation and Fertigation Control modules to provide a turnkey solution for all climate tunnel control requirements. 

EcoWeb offers an integrated management system for pivot irrigation systems. 
The control equipment interfaces with the control panel at each pivot, and control and monitoring functions are extended to the EcoWeb SCADA. The pivot irrigation schedules, fertilization and pump control are managed by the Ecoweb control software. 
Moisture readings from soil moisture probes in the respective soil types are received so that the operator can optimise the pivot’s speed according to the specific soil moisture requirements in the different sectors. If a pivot operates on an incline, EcoWeb can regulate water pressure by controlling the variable speed drive. 

Jabeco integrates with the AquaCheck soil moisture probe, which offers capacitance based soil moisture measurement, offering up to fifteen moisture and temperature sensors per probe.

  • Step 1: The Jabeco JIO or Meerkat FM interfaces with the soil moisture probes, and transmits the soil moisture data to a PC hosting the EcoWeb management software. A data logging module, called JLog, retrieves the data at regular intervals. 
  • Step 2: The data is uploaded to the Aquaweb Server at regular intervals. 
  • Step 3: The Aquacheck server offers the user easy access to the data via internet browser, and allows the user to view multi-layer soil moisture dynamics for the entire root zone. Plots of probe data is available for easy interpretation. 

Jabeco provides a complete integrated Information Management System, Wireless Communication Technology and Control Equipment.

Jabeco`s modular design philosophy integrates the engineering disciplines of system automation and wireless communication into a user-friendly system.