Dam level Control

The EcoWeb Dam Level Control module allows users to regulate water levels through scheduled or rule based pump control functions.

Dam Level Control Module

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It supports the following functions:

  • Water level monitoring and pump control on each individual dam or reservoir.
  • Measurement devices such as flow and pressure meters may be associated with pumps for monitoring and
    control purposes.
  • Scheduled and automatic pump control options are available.

Scheduled and Automatic pump controls:

- Are time based.
- Unlimited schedules can be created, activated and deactivated as required.
- Schedules can repeat at preset intervals during a day if required.
- Pre-set water levels can influence schedules.
- Completely autonomous.
- Pumps are set to start at a preset minimum level, and stop when it reaches its preset maximum level.
- Manual override functions are available. of the preset rules.