Irrigation and Water Management Solutions.


Jabeco provides self-sustaining irrigation control equipment for the management and effective utilization of water related resources.


Wireless Network Communication Interface 

  • 433MHz or 868MHz. 
  • USB connection to PC. 
  • Adjustable power output up to 10dBm.
  • Communication interface to EcoWeb software. 
Jabeco product modem

Meerkat Field Module

Solar Powered Wireless Remote I/O Module 

  • Communication
  • Controls latching outputs to actuate hydraulic valves. 
  • Digital and analogue inputs. 
  • RS485 interface. 
  • Status monitoring 
  • Remote setup of device parameters.
  • Solar powered and > 100hrs battery backup.
  • Extend I/O’s RS485 interface modules. 
  • Up to 12VDC (definable) auxiliary output power. 


Wireless I/O Module 

  • Communication
  • 8 x Digital outputs. 
  • 8 x Digital inputs. 
  • 8 x Analogue outputs. 
  • RS485 interface. 
JIO/ JFERT irrigation south africa

Water Level Controller

Stand-Alone Wireless Water Level Control System 

  • Operates as a stand-alone system. 
  • Automatically regulates the level of a dam or reservoir.
  • Interfaces with a pressure sensor that accurately measures the water level.
  • Wireless communications via FM or JIO. 
  • Two separate pump control channels (main and auxiliary). 

Base Module

Wireless I/O Controller

  • Configuration: Input channels are mapped to an address & port in the wireless network; On-site configuration via serial interface; Remote configuration via wireless interface.
  • Functionality: Hard reset facility; Signal surge protection; Signal strength for every connection can be monitored.